Milo here.

I know! I know! We’ve already done a #666, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag. While I do have an actual ranked list of all the songs that I vaguely like (going up to #801 and counting) from which I pick my songs for MMM on, this list is a constantly changing thing that I’m forever altering. Meaning that, though the number does have some merit, it’s about 47% abitrary. I hope I haven’t ruined the illusion for y’all.

Anyway, this time we’re checkin’ out a great lil’ track from The Black Keys’ El Camino, Stop Stop. Here, I couldn’t find an official video/audio, so check out this kid havin’ a groove to it (courtesy of shazam27) :

While this has the potential to make proper Black Keys fans cringe, El Camino is by far my favourite of their discography. Yes, it lacks the fuzzy, lo-fi charm of the earlier records and swaps it out for a new glitzy production style, courtesy of Danger Mouse. However, if RuPaul’s Drag Race has taught me anything (and it bloody has), it’s that there ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of glitz every now and then. Though a non-single cut on the album, Stop Stop definitely has the same pop-appeal stand-up against hits like Gold On The Ceiling. The sparkling guitars and keyboards really lighten the sound up from the snare-heavy drums and thick, underlying bass parts (and it is bloody bass despite what Wikipedia says; I can hear it WITH MY EARS). Finally, Dan Auerbach’s laidback but slightly tude-tinged vocals make this a song to listen to with your eyes half-closed, dazed in the summer sun.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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