Milo here.

Another MMM for y’all because I’ve got a lot of other shizzle on ma plate at the moment. Don’t worry, it’s stuff that I’m preppin’ for later…

Today, we’re taking another look at N*E*R*D’s brilliant pop ballad Maybe, from their 2004 album Fly Or Die. Check the video below:

If you’ve already checked out my review of Fly Or Die (you guys are my favourites), then you’ll know my definite affection for this song. Standing out as one of the best of the album, it drifts apart from the main two themes of the album, schoolyard fighting and unprotected sex, to bring us a truly powerful love song with a powerful instrumental to match.

Boasting contributions from Lenny Kravitz (I still don’t know if he has found anyone to go his way yet, though) and The Roots’ Jimmy Fallon’s Questlove, this song packs the star power it requires, to a T. Both featured artists bring a little something to the table, some absolutely wailing guitar and nuanced but complex fills respectively. We’ve also got Pharrell providing some gentle piano chords and passionate vocals, as well as, as part of The Neptunes, producing, using their glittery style to add an element of Beatle-esque fantasy to the single.

Thanks for reading! If you read both this AND my initial review of Fly Or Die (I’ve already linked it, you ain’t gettin’ two) then you’re my double favourite, making yourself elligible to actually adopt me! So have fun with that. I’ll be seein’ ya, dear reader (or future guardian).

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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