Milo here.

Still workin’ on some other bits n pieces, so proper reviews are gonna have to wait a few more days, but, hey, we’ll always have MMM.

Today, we’re looking at probably the littlest-known band in my list, Melting Watches and their track For The People, from their 2013 free EP, punc·tu·al. Check the audio below:

A great way of self-promotion is to follow loads of random people on Twitter, as many bands do. I, like most of you probably, am a victim of these followers but, as someone who’s always on the look out for new choonage, I like to give ’em the go they deserve. While 99% of these bands are as crap as you’d expect, Melting Watches buck this trend with their take on latin-infused indie rock. Their free, 3-track EP is a mixed bag, with each song being a little different and For The People is definitely my favourite of the bunch. I’m enjoying the Julian-Casablancas-esque vocals and the frantic drumming that are instantly the most notable things on the track, as well as the effect-laden guitar solo. It’s a quick song that doesn’t let up for a second and, while it definitely has it’s influences, I couldn’t say for a second that it’s ripping anything off. As you can tell by it’s arbitrary ranking, it ain’t my favourite song by a long shot, but it’s the seed from which this promising band can blossom.

Plus, if I haven’t hammered this home enough, their 2013 EP punc·tu·al is free from their Bandcamp, so give it a damn download, won’t do ya no harm! I haven’t been asked to do this, by the way, I just think they should be heard by as many as poss.

punc·tu·al download: DINGUS

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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