Milo here.

Okay, let’s forget I said there’d be new stuff soon, I’m still working on it… I have disappointed you… the curtains of shame let through little light…

Today! Today on MMM, we’re looking at what many would call a classic, one of the best songs of the decade, my 333rd (approx.) favourite song of all time, Feel Good Inc. from Gorillaz’ 2005 masterpiece Demon Days. Check the video below:

The manic laughing, the bass, the beat. These three components are what make up maybe one of the best intros of the 21st century. The bass work, in particular, covered by countless sh*tty bassists the world over (looking at you, Reubs), is easily the finest from the band, with a groovy tang to let you know when it goes down. The parts from De La Soul (one of the best hip-hop groups, period) are not unnoticed either, with the bars spat here being of the same, maybe even better at points, quality of stuff from 3 Feet High And Rising and De La Soul Is Dead.

As the chorus comes round, we are hit by a gentle acoustic guitar part that acts in direct contrast to the funky stuff coming from the bass in the verses. This is also where 2D (Albarn)’s vocals are shown off, with the child-like lyrics being performed with the kind of distorted laidback melancholy that pervades through a lot of the vocal work throughout the Gorillaz discography. And all of this takes place over an exceptionally bouncy beat, it’s like this song was made as a dance track for people who didn’t wanna dance.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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