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I’m back, guys, but I’m still here wit’ ya MMMs — milking that cow dryyyyyyyyy…

Today, we’re looking at the highest ranking song of the MMMs so far. My undisputed 3rd favourite song of all time. The fist-pumping, rap-rock explosion, 500 gallons of napalm, f*ck your government, f*ck your face, groove goliath, masterpiece-classic of a song, Bulls On Parade, from Rage’s sophomore beast Evil Empire. Check the video below, you better:

If you couldn’t tell from my slightly flattering intro, Bulls On Parade is one of my favourite songs of all time. Though it wasn’t originally no. 1 on my Top Ten 90s Songs list (which I won’t link to, cus it’s kinda outdated, evidently (feel free to go a-lookin’ though)), I have since realised that it should’ve been, because it is so easily the best song of the 90s, by a country mile (even if Give It Away is a close runner-up). This is the song that gives Evil Empire the credit is has and, though their eponymous debut it ain’t, pushes it from a good album to a great one.

God, where to start. Firstly, the vocals from Zack de la Rocha are his finest ever. His youthful energy and anger, introduced with their debut, are now refined, but no less reserved, for a higher quality performance. Moreover, the second verse, which I will transcribe below, is probably my favourite collection of lyrics and delivery in a song ever:

Weapons, not food, not homes, not shoes
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal I
Walk tha corner to the rubble, that used to be a library
Line up to tha mind cemetery, now
What we don’t know keeps tha contracts alive and movin’
They don’t gotta burn tha books they just remove ’em
While arms warehouses fill as quick as tha cells
Rally ’round the family, pocket full of shells

That right there, is my Shakespeare.

As well as this, we have Tom Morello busting out his most groovy, face-melting riff to date, hitting that line between heavy and danceable to an absolute T. Not only that, but he has TWO!!! Two of the best, most kick-ass riffs in the same song. While I prefer the verse part (which was what I was referencing to above), the intro does make you take notice like no-one’s business. On top of that, we get a solo that isn’t too effects-heavy, but one that uses the guitarist’s unorthodox scratching method, giving it a wicked hip-hop edge. Pure guitar perfection.

Giving this the backbone it deserves is the rhythm section. The bass matches the riff brilliantly, coupling with drums to give the entire song a very savage, animal beat. It also adds a level of funk that only a great bass part can. Finally, the drums, courtesy of Brad Wilk (my surprise favourite drummer of all time), contain some of the tightest grooves I’ve ever heard. The kickdrum parts are pure fun to both listen to and play, making it, again, a favourite of mine. This is the song that makes him my favourite drummer, to be honest.

Oh my God, this has been longer than some reviews, which entirely defeats the point of MMM. Oh well, I hope you’ve got an idea of why this song is so high on my list and why should listen to it every second of every day of every week of every month of every year of your lives. So, no pressure.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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