Milo here.

I’m in a flurry of new music after a shopping spree of albums, so I need a break with some classics!

Today, we’re looking at the forgetten gem We Ride Tonight by Canadian stoner rockers Priestess, from their brilliant sophomore record Prior To The Fire, check the audio below:

Sound quality of the rip notwithstanding, this song is loud. It’s a blast of bastard that was well needed after commerical success but lacking debut album Hello Master, which took a softer edge due to label pressure. It just shows that RCA didn’t know what they were doing when they refused to release this, as it is, in every shape and form, a kickass song. The lyrics and rolling riff have a very battle metal vibe to it for me, as I can imagine a band of beardy blokes raising tankers of ale to this beasts. The vocals in general are my favourite aspect of this song because the singer sounds like he is putting EFFORT into it, and fair play because it is a difficult vocal part to nail. The drummer’s also on peak form, putting the “fill” in “FILL EVERYTHING WITH A FILL”, and keeping the chaotic nature of the song alive. It’s a shame that this band is everything but dead after releasing such a badass record with such a badass song on it, but I’m happy we got it out of them.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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