Happy Birthday To Us, Boiii!

Milo here. Indeedly do, our precious, babbling, window-licking baby Stuff And That has turned 2 today! Over these 2 years we have published 346 articles, gained a little under 150 followers (makes it sound bigger) and have killed three men in the heat of battle. Seeing as though we're ran sh*t out of ideas for…Read more Happy Birthday To Us, Boiii!

The Culling (Game Preview) (Xbox One, 2016) Review

Live All Your Murderous Rampage Fantasies Here... Yo, Cam here. It's the time of the year again where I write something. The rest of the time I'm either asleep or can't be bothered. Recently I've been playing The Culling (Game preview) for Xbox One, and it's alright. King of the hill games are dominating right…Read more The Culling (Game Preview) (Xbox One, 2016) Review

The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet (2012) Review

Please Come Back, Mars Volta... PLEASE. *Way-hay, Stuff and That's 2-years-old! How 'bout that. Honestly we're still a fledgling of a website if we can even count ourselves as that rather than a simple blog, but what the hey, we're here and it's going pretty darn well. Thanks for reading for all this time, and…Read more The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet (2012) Review