Milo here.

Today, we’re looking at a much loved song from The White Stripes discography, We’re Going To Be Friends, from their 2001 breakthrough White Blood Cells. Check the video below:

Though admittedly not the catchiest or most bombastic track in the Stripes’ catalogue, this promotional single, used in the film Napoleon Dynamite (points there already), has a simple, folky aura to it, with Jack’s finger-plucked guitar ringing a homey atmosphere, complimenting his soft vocals brilliantly. The lyrics are supposed to evoke nostalgia and do so extremely effectively, bringing the simplicity of childhood with such authenticity that you could mistake the lyrics for being written by a child. There is little complexity to this song, but it remains a very chilled out break from the chaos of White Blood Cells.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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