Milo here.

Hot damn! It sure has been a while since we’ve had one of these. Some lil tiddly-bits to clear up before we get into this cracker; I’ve done away with my big phat list ranking my favourite songs, meaning that the little number at the top of these tings has gone too. I’m sure you’re all heartbroken from this devastating loss to the format, but I’m sure you’ll manage.

For those who have somehow forgot, Milo’s Music Mayhem is a segment where I take one of the many songs I think is dope-ass, and I tell you why it’s dope-ass, after which hopefully you’ll think it’s extremely cool. Sorry, I mean dope-ass.

Today’s MMM is frackin’ classick, with In My Head, the second single from QOTSA’s 2005 beast Lullabies To Paralyze. Check the vidja below:

It’s easy to criticise Lullabies for what you could a lack of progression from the hard rock masterpiece Songs For The Deaf, with everything from the overall sound to album title having similarities. That being said, the omnipotently strong pop factor that pervades through In My Head is what distinguishes it from the track listing and makes it stand out as one of QOTSA’s finest moments. The songwriting here, which does embrace the catchy nature of pop music, is unbelievably strong, with everything from the riffs to the backing vocal melodies being utterly flawless. Don’t let the word ‘pop’ fool you, though, as the track’s signature driving guitar riff, along with a murderous solo from then-newcomer Troy Van Leeuwen, and unforgiving drums give this the hard rock edge of any Queens release.
On top of this, Josh Homme’s excellent vocal turn on some admittedly less-than-inspired lyrics makes this song one of my go-to karaoke favourites. That’s, of course, if I ever did karaoke, which is unlikely considering how deathly afraid I am of everything and everyone. His pitch-perfect falsetto, mixed flawlessly with his swagger-brimming baritenor, as only Homme does, really emphasises the track’s laidback yet obsessive atmosphere. Speaking of flawless mixing, the production’s excellent, especially the multiple, multiple, layers of guitars, which weave under and over each other, making a pretzel of tones and riffage. And what a delicious pretzel that would be.

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Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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