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I’m taking a little break from reviews right now, just because I think I’m getting a lil’ stagnant, so these’ll be my primary content for the near future. You’re welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today, we’ve got a barn-burner of a track, winner of my Best Song of 2016, Blood Moon, the second single from alt-metal supergroup Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’s debut album Broken Lines. Check the fantastic video below:

As I said, my personal favourite song of last year (and it’s official homeboi, check the links below), a year with some stiff competition from Cherry Glazerr (who I reviewed herre) and Every Time I Die (whommmmm I reviewed herre), Blood Moon is exactly what you’d expect from a band consisting of members from Alice In Chains, The Mars Volta, Mastodon and Dillinger — that being some frackin’ amazingnosisositierrosity.
Opening on a criminally deadly groove, one that is sustained throughout the track, there is an undeniably sinister edge to Blood Moon, with Pete Griffin (of Metalocalypse‘s Dethklok) laying down a fierce bass groove, reflected by the lethal guitar duo of Brent Hinds (Mastodon) and Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan). This results in the kind of offbeat erratic riffage that wouldn’t go amiss on a Dillinger record, letting Weinman’s songwriting speak for itself. This is tied down, somehow, by the incredibly gifted drumming hands of Thomas Pridgen (who won my Best Drummer of 2016 for his work here), formerly of The Mars Volta and one of my favourite drummers of all time, who performs spectacularly on these odd time signatures, and giving the song a technically advanced feel.
Furthermore, we’ve got William DuVall who, though I never was to impressed with his AiC work, doesn’t cease to amaze me with his extremely powerful performance here, and on the rest of the album in general. His dynamic singing style, coupled with the aforementioned sinister feel, which is mirrored in the lyrics fersure, really makes this a song one for the predator in all of us.


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