Milo here.

And we’re back with another sure-to-be classic in the MMM collection. What joy.

Today, we’re looking at what was heralded by many as the “best song of 2014”, Seasons (Waiting On You) from Future Islands’ fourth album Singles. Check the video below:

Yes, yes, the video’s a little bit poncey, there’s no denying it. However, the content we’re getting from the band here is nothing short of mesmerizing for me. The sparce, electronica-infused intro which soon bursts into an instrumental rich with synthpop and new wave influences, cresting and falling like a musical tidal wave. Over the top of this translucent skeleton, bassist William Cashion lays down a solid groove while also playing dramatically with the guitars — that’s right, we gots a multi-instrumentalist in the hiz-zouse.
However, as anyone who has seen Future Islands perform or listened to their music, it’s vocalist Samuel Herring and his cinematically compelling turn here that really steals the show. Complimenting the instrumental truly excellently, Herring, though omitting the terrifying screams and growls from live performances, explores his rich and oaky vocal range with great effect. This is all mixed truly excellently by producer Chris Coady, who creates an all-encompassing atmosphere of beauty with this absolutely stellar track that I can’t recommend enough if this kinda thing is ya bag.

I’ve been dying to write about this track for a while, so check it oot!!

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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