Milo here.

20 minutes? That sounds like just enough time to publish an MMM and wipe Reuben from the top of the page… mwahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHH!!!!!!

Another classic today, as we take a look at SOAD’s flagship track Chop Suey!, taken from their legendary sophomore effort, 2001’s Toxicity. Check the video below:

Chances are, if you’re someone who’s been perusing this site (and liking what they see, OBVIOUSLY.), then you’ll have an opinion on System Of A Down. Whether you love them or hate them, their distinct brand of nu-metal has left a mark on the genre as a whole. If you can’t tell, we here at Stuff And That love them (even if Reuben needs to REMEMBER THAT.), and we hope you love them too, because our opinions are the right opinions. *ding*
And Chop Suey! is by far their biggest hit, coming in at the peak of the nu-metal craze but all the while offering something a little bit different to the Korns and Limp Bizkits of the world, as in they were crazy and, not to mention very, very good. It’s also my favourite SOAD song (as predictable as that is), with the components that make the band so good all being showcased to their highest extent.
The rhythm section is on absolute fire. Shavo’s very beat-centric bass work is thick and heavy in the loud parts, while shifting to sparce and brooding the quieter ones; providing quite the syrupy skeleton indeed. Then we have one of my all-time favourites behind the kit, John Dolmayan, laying down his pogo-like bouncing beats, albeit with an added level of drama, and giving the song a very tribal, animalistic groove. On top of this, masterful guitarist and let’s-not-talk-about-his-actual-personality dude Daron Malakian can put down one of the most iconic guitar parts of the 00s, effortlessly getting every angsty teen (as well as the straight-up jaunty ones, like myself) moshing like the big boys. He dances off of the subtle strings in the backing instrumental (which are genius) like no ones business. His tone here is absolutely to die for and his backing vocals aren’t too shabby either.
If we’re talking vocals though, Serj is yer man. Another favourite of mine, Serj’s eccentric, powerful and sometimes terrifying performance here is one that I rank as among the best. His vocal range is laid out to the listener like a Lego kit and he assembles it in front of your very eyes into something you weren’t expecting, but love nonetheless. His shouts are the stuff of legend, as are his controversial lyrics. As I said, Serj is in my top ten frontmen/vocalists ever and he is in his absolute prime here.


RANKED: System Of A Down Albums – Reuben
RANKED: Toxicity Songs – Milo

MMM: Suite-Pee
RRR: Aerials

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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