Milo here.

Haha, you thought it was gonna get back to movie reviews like the good ol’ days?! Sorry to break it to ya, but we got 1145 more songs to get through so strap in, motherlicker.

Today, we be checking out Foo Fighters’ lesser-loved single Resolve from their 2005 double-effort In Your Honor. Check the video below:

Yes, that’s a goofy video, no, I dunno what ‘non glow’ means, but I bet it’s contagious. However, the goofiness in the video is kind of appropriate, cus the song’s a little bit goofy too. With a tempo slower than my opioid-drenched heartrate, Resolve is very much the Foos at, what some would call, their worst; big blow-out choruses, jangly guitar riffs and stadium-friendly hooks.
However, as is shown with Long Road To Ruin being my favourite Foos track, I do have a secret soft-spot for this side of the band. While it may not go with my critical-angsty-cooler-knows-better-than-everyone character I’m going for, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m bellowing out “A LIL’ BIT’A RESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLVEEEEEE” like the best of ’em. Grohl’s songwriting ability is on show hear as he churns out what would be many other band’s best song, and releases it in the same year as Best Of You. The hook power here is really incredible and, while it’s far from high-art, poetry or an alt rock masterpiece, it’s a spectacularly fun listen all the same.


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3 thoughts on “MMM: Resolve – Foo Fighters

  1. I got the first two Foos records then drifted. I may even own later albums but never seem to play them. Posts like this remind me I oughta get into them more. Oh, I did see the series/movie they made of all the studios they toured to, wrote a song for each town…

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