Milo here.

Ayyy Reubs has done himself a new RRR!!! A classic, completely un-ripped-off series indeed. Well, in a battle to become the ultimate copycat — I’m gonna do a song by the same band, mwahaha-mwhahaha.

Of course, today, we’re looking at Dazed And Confused, one of the many highlights on Led Zeppelin’s classsssic debut album. Check the audio below:

Fun fact, on first listen, I was 100% sure it was the macabre grooves of Black Sabbath that was gracing my earholes, with it’s slow, ominous bass and Robert Plant’s harrowing wails. This just goes to show that, however much I tend to label Led Zep as hard rock, this is heavy metal, plain and simple. The iconic bass riff, coupled with Jimmy Page’s subtle, distant guitar weeps, opens the song on a dark atmosphere, matching Plant’s bluesy and pained vocals.
As the song progresses further into it’s 6+minute runtime, the guitars get a lot crunchier and bigger, yet still giving that distilled essence of isolation, with Jimmy’s riffage being completely on point. Added to this is John Bonham’s virtuoso mastery of the drumkit, creating something completely awe-inspiring with his atmospheric tom-use, but also his ease-of-use with ghost notes and kickdrum triplets that just put me in a state of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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