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Today, we’re looking at Prince’s 1982 smash hit 1999, from his breakthrough album of the same name. Check out the video below:

Though it would be Prince’s follow-up, Purple Rain, that would prove to be his most successful, it’s this album that would burst him on the scene, as well as yielding some of his biggest hits, including Little Red Corvette and this funky banger.
Instantly recognisable for it’s unmistakably Prince synth hook and subtly complex arrangements, the instrumentals on this track are always entertaining and interesting to look at. While the aforementioned synth lead is the focal point of the song, we are filled out by layers upon layers of understated bass and guitar licks, as well as that typically 80s full percussion. On top of this, Prince’s production gave that iconically funky and disco feel, despite the song’s desolate and apocalyptic imagery.
Painting the picture of a purple-tinged wasteland, I’ve quickly grown to appreciate the lyricism here, masquarading itself under the party-startin’ instrumental lavishness. The vocal performances, particularly by Prince, are charismatic and intertwining within each other, with the higher and lower harmonies of Lisa & Jill and Dez, respectively, complimenting each other dynamically.

Personally, I’d call this my favourite Prince song (unless we’re counting Chaka Khan’s I Feel For You, which I’m not) because it combines his impeccable skill to write and arrange an infectiously funky instrumental with his offbeat approach to lyricism that tends to go underappreciated when people talk about his undisputed genius.

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