Milo here.

Aiaiai! Another MMM comin’ at ya.

Today, we’re having a look at Walk Idiot Walk, the lead single from The Hives’ 2004 effort Tyrannosaurus Hives. Check the video below:

For as long as I can remember, The Hives’ brand of off-the-wall garage punk has been a staple of my music listening, with memories of jamming to Hate To Say I Told You So while flicking my way through the demo disc that came with Official PS2 magazine being some of my earliest and fondest. However, with that aforementioned single propelling them to worldwide fame, it was up to this song, with Tyrannosaurus Hives, to capitalise on that success. While it may not have panned as greatly in the long run, this is a helluva catchy tune.
With all the hallmarks of a great Hives track, Walk Idiot Walk doesn’t exactly show much progression from the band, but instead gives us more of that chaotic goodness. The punchy dual guitar riff is a complete earworm, pumped full of energy and fun, filled out by the bass and tom-heavy drums. That being said, it’s the instantly recognisable vocals of Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist that makes this track, as he lives up to his namesake with ease. His charismatic screams inject the character into every song from the band, and this is no exception.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


5 thoughts on “MMM: Walk Idiot Walk – The Hives

      • Oh yes. And at high, high volume, too! One of my prized CDs is a copy of their Oh Lord! When? How? EP. Happy days! And maybe especially for the elegantly-titled track “Some People Know All To Well How Bad Liquorice, Or Any Candy For That Matter, Can Taste When Having Laid Out In The Sun Too Long – And I Think I Just Ate Too Much.”

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      • Well, not so rare I suppose, it’s Currently Unavailable on the Canuck Amazons, but Discogs has it for $14-$40. For me, it was one of those record shoppe finds where I did a little shout of joy and grabbed it up quick in case anyone tried to scoop it on me!

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