Milo here.

Hot-diggidy-dog let’s get ourselves some more MMM goodness, eh?

Today we’re looking at Don’t Hurt Yourself, Queen B’s angriest track from her angriest album, 2016’s Lemonade. Check out the video below:

Well, I wonder who that was directed to. What an enigma. Still, if you were gonna call out your cheating husband — you’d do it like that, I know I would (I know what you’re up to, Reubs…). Beyoncé’s on top form in a way we’ve seldom seen her before — badass. Indeed, the girl who sang the line “All up in the kitchen in my heels — dinner time” is long gone, as she spits lyric after lyric, laced with venom and throwing any subtlty to the wind. Her vocals are, of course, excellent, providing as much bite as the album’s namesake and then some, just absolutely destroying Jay-Z in a way so overt and so rage-filled that it leaves the listener speechless by the end.
Moreover, though the video above removes almost every contribution he made to the song, Jack White’s featuring spot on the album version is brilliant. Handling the production (along with B and Derek Dixie), a massive-feeling soundscape is created, with pounding drums (sampled from John Bonham — so ya know it’s good) and haunted house backing vocals that bounce around the mix. Though it’s Beyoncé that makes this track, White does a lot to make it as good as it is.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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