Milo here.

They never stop. MMMs do not stop.

Today, we’re looking at one of The Smiths’ most famous tracks, their 1983 single This Charming Man. Check the video below:

Full disclaimer: I’m only just getting past the fact that I hate Morrissey’s silly smug face enough to really give The Smiths a go — partly due to Reuben’s incessant nagging about How Soon Is Now? which is driving me up the f*cking wall.
However, it’s also partly due to this lil’ beaut of a song. Opening on Johnny Marr’s instantly recognisable guitar style, the main riff would go on to define the track in my eyes — as it captures that pure essence of jangle pop in both a literal and genre sense — with his subtle plucking on the higher strings giving the song an overwhelming sense of youth. This is further solidified by the frontman’s lyricism, cementing the themes of sexual ambiguity among some of the most concrete in the band’s discography (a double construction pun, get f*cked), as well as his vocal performance. I read somewhere (VERY likely Wikipedia) that his main goal with said performance was to capture a vulnerability in the male voice and, to his credit, he does succeed. All I’mma say is that it’s no wonder that poncey art students fall in love with him so often.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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