Milo here.

Thought I’d take a look at a good ol’ up-n-comer this time, creds to Reuben for the intro.

Today, we’re looking at Milton Keynes rockers RavenEye and their hard rocking Come With Me from their 2016 effort Nova. Check the video:

So, a couple of months ago now, me and Reubs got the oppurtunity to see these guys in a titchy lil’ venue in Bristol (and we didn’t write about it because laziness, obvs). To cut a long story short, they were very very good — they knew how to rock an audience and pumped out some excellent tracks — this being the bendelacreme in my opinion.
What made this one stick in my mind was the brilliant, fuzzed-up-Foos-esque riff that opens the song. Unlike a countless amount of bands in this kinda scene, the guitars are heavy but they have  certain poppy catchiness to them; the ultimate combo in my opinion. The bass isn’t really anything special, especially when you’re not watching the dude perform (and perform he does), but it does provide a fine backbone for it all. I’m loving the drumming, though, with the massive sounding toms and kit-kat-krispy snares (the good KKK).
The vocals are very well-performed, however, with frontman Oli Brown obviously taking big influence from Chris Cornell — even hitting that legendary Cornell scream perfectly. As someone who has been trying to hit that bitch for a long time now, I am obviously impressed.

“Take my hand and follow me.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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