Milo here.

Have more MMMs y’know. I’m writing all these in one sitting like three weeks ago now. I have no life.

Today, we’re looking at MY BOY GAMBINO and his R&B single Redbone from 2016’s “Awaken, My Love!”. Check the audio below:

One of the most unique mainstream tracks to come out in 2016, Redbone manages to combine influences from psychedelic soul, R&B and neo-funk into this midnight creeper track that’s smoother than creamy peanut butter.
The nocturnal groove on this thing really is something special, with the minimalist 4/4 beat being jumped on by this panther-like bass, giving the slightest lick of funk, while also allowing that keys/guitar melody to blossom. The guitars on this thing are akin to diamond with softened edges, curving around the rhythm section, while backing the keys to give them a little more bite, very much like a Tame Impala track would.
With Donald Glover’s vocals, we are treated to something a little different from the actor/singer, with his vocals giving a more pitched up impression, even if that wasn’t the case. What that does, however, is give the song a slightly extra-terrestrial feel, fitting with the spacey atmosphere of the entire record, while the gospel backing vocals inject that much needed soul. This is Marvin Gaye for the modern day.

“Don’t you close your eyes.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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