Milo here.

There any point to these sentences? No, but I’mma keep at ’em anyway.

Today, we’re looking at Massive Attack’s breakout single Safe From Harm, off their 1991 critically acclaimed debut, Blue Lines. Check the video below:

One of the Brizzle group’s signature tracks, the lo-fi electronic grooves of Safe From Harm help it stand out as one of Massive Attack’s best, combining some of the best musical features of their early career. The backing instrumental, with drums sampled from Funkadelic and guitar/bass from Billy Cobham, has got that laidback vibe to it that makes this, along with the entirety of Blue Lines, one of my go-to relax records, with the winding bassline always catching my ear in particular. Moreover, the interspersed keys samples, lifted from Herbie Hancock I’m pretty sure, provide these little adrenaline shots of funk, leaving the composition feeling unpredictable and hypnotic, with borderline psychedelic production emphasising this further.
On top of this, we have ma boi 3D dropping lines in some kind of madcap chopped-up production style, leaving his raps feeling disjointed and distorted, in all the best ways. In contrast, however, are the deeply soulful vocals of Shara Nelson, who delivers her fiercely protective lyrics with a R&B flavour, mixing an empowering strength and lullaby-esque softness.

“I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me to see me looking back at you.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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