Milo here.

We’ve still got another 3 of these to do — meaning I’ve still got three more to write in a frenzied mess. Ah, what a glimpse behind the Stuff And That curtain; magical.

Today, we’re looking at one of the coolest songs laid to wax in A Tribe Called Quest’s Buggin’ Out, from 1991’s universally-adored The Low End Theory. Check the audio below:

YO. One of the most attention-stealing intros in hip-hop history, “microphone check 1,2 what is this?” will never fail to get me on my feet bopping to the funky-ass jazz instrumental and the perfect rhyming on top of this. Undeniably one of the finest moments in Phife’s legendary, and what is regarded by many as his breakout performance in Tribe, the entirety of the first verse on this track is solid gold, showcasing the MC’s offbeat sense of humour and charisma. That, and the fact that it’s easily one of the best raps ever. Mate.
Even with that, though, Tip does manage to hold his own, delivering his own couple of verses with his trademark charm and flow, including one of the first uses of punchline flow with his “minds get flooded, ejaculation” line, so it ain’t like he’s half-steppin’ himself. ON TOP OF ALL THIS, we’ve got a notably darker-sounding instrumental than on People’s Instinctive Travels, with chunky, muddy bass-sample and an abbrasive breakbeat that’ll leave your neck sore.

“Yo. Microphone check; 1, 2 what is this? The five-foot assassin with the roughneck business.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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