Milo here.

A second Snoop MMM in as many weeks? Dang dangy dang…

Today, we’re looking at Signs, the third single from Snoop’s 2004 album R&G (Rhythm And Gangsta): The Masterpiece, featuring Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson. Check the video matey:

A disclaimer for my rock-oriented friends this time ’round — I don’t mind me some early Timberlake. I know he’s not exactly Henry Rollins, but his early 00s output has a groovy lil’ mix of nostalgia and danceability. So, with Signs being released in 2004, this is prime Timbertime. With his turn on the chorus here, we get just that, with his instantly recognisable falsetto and surprising swagger fitting perfectly with the song. In the verses, it’s Snoop himself, obviously. While this obviously an older, more experienced, *cough* sold out *cough cough* rapper on the track, Snoop’s trademark flow is present, with some half-sung lines really emphasising the R&B influences more. As WELL as this, we’ve got The Gap Band singer Charlie Wilson on the bridge, who’s got the kind of charisma and soul you can only get from years in the 70s funk scene — this is obviously a pro for any track.
Also a pro for any track is The Neptunes behind the mixing desk, the quintessentially Pharrell (quintessentipharrelly) big beats and funky-ass bass is combined with the infectiously hooky trumpets, with the subtle guitars and keys filling out that musical space. Think R&B-y disco-y funky business with The Neptunes on it. Yes please.

“I’m not sure what I see. Cupid don’t fuck with me!”


MMM: Who Am I (What’s My Name?)

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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