Milo here.

It’s time for another. Actually, it’s time for a break — but that ain’t stoppin’ me fool.

Today, we’re looking at the hard rock power anthem Cult of Personality, from Living Colour’s 1988 debut Vivid. Check the video below:

Breaking boundaries left, right and center, Living Colour’s success in the white-dominated 80s hard rock scene has always struck with me a similar chord to the Beastie Boys’ story, and I find them equally as inspirational. And this the song they did it with. Giving me a lot of Guns N Roses vibes in terms of instrumentation, the shredding from Vernon Reid is just wicked, radiating Slash in every way, with an absolutely golden riff that winds through the track, along with those eighties-as-hell power chords that punctuate the chorus.
Also giving me GNR waves is Will Calhoun, whose Steven Adler-like drumming is solid as f*ck, with no shortage of complex cymbal work and rapid-fire fills that I just love. However, the GNR comparisons come to a stop with the Corey Glover’s vocals, that, while not as vocally impressive as Axl Rose, oozes a level of soul that you just wouldn’t find on Appetite For Destruction, with radical socially-conscious lyrics better than a lot the 80s had to offer in the rock scene in general.

“When a leader speaks, that leader dies.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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