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IT’S HERE. Finally, this is the last MMM for a while I reckon — though I have enjoyed this constant stream of content..

Today, we’re looking at Alright, the fourth single from To Pimp A Butterfly, Kung Fu Kenny’s third album and one of the most critically acclaimed of the 2010s, and, more importantly, namesake of the Jamiroquai song. Check the video below:

As I, and many, many others, have said throughout last year, Kendrick Lamar is the most exciting talent in the hip-hop game today — striking that pinpoint balance between critical acclaim and commerical mega-success — and, with To Pimp A Butterfly, we were just about to see the latter blow up on a fully international level, after Good Kid, M.A.A.D City broke him, Alright possibly acting as that catalyst.
Opening on Pharrell’s signature 4-beat intro, the beat on this thing is one of my favourites to come out of mainstream hip-hop in this decade, combining the trap-influences (in the hi-hats, rattling snares and heavy bass) with Pharrell’s own little quirks, such as the vocal sample and rambling horns.
On top of this, Kendrick drops the spectacular opening line “Alls my life/I had to fight“, lifted from The Color Purple of course, immediately summarising what the album has been about to this point. However, this is interpretted by many as an anthem of hope, with the hook “We gon’ be alright” (sung by Pharrell, which I didn’t realise until like 10 minutes ago), being sung and chanted at many Black Lives Matter rallies and protests since. In the verses, Kendrick’s rapid-fire, meticulous flow is something to witness, his delivery just being note-perfect like no one’s business, and it’s no wonder he’s raved about to such an extent.

“Nazareth, I’m fucked up, homie, you fucked up, but if God got us then we gon’ be alright.”

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