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Big news today, as kick-ass Maryland rockers Clutch release the first new single from their upcoming album, Book of Bad Decisions, Gimme The Keys. Check the lyric video below:

Opening on this distortion fuzz, any slight thought that Clutch are going on a stylistic voyage is quickly exiled as Neil’s booming voice punctuates the intro. From there on, it’s classic Clutch — straight, southern-tinged, blues rock showered in a sprinkling of hardcore. Loving the groove in the guitars here, as Tim brings out the chunk found on album’s like Strange Cousins From The West. Indeed, I’m getting a lot more, in terms of feeling, from the band’s mid-to-late 00s work, rather than the more polished work of their recent catalogue. That being said, the rhythm section is as timelessly great as always, with JP still bringing some of the most technically-proficient drumming this side of At The Drive-In.
However, if I could flaw this track at all, it would be in Neil’s lyricism here. Supposedly, like the rest of the album, based on stories of the band, something just struck me as basic metaphors and word association, coupled with not the most inspired vocal melody and rhythm. Saying that though, it’s still Clutch, it’s still Neil and it’s still pretty damn good.

Book Of Bad Decisions is out September 7 via Weathermaker and ya bois Clutch are doing the festival rounds, as well as touring Europe, throughout the year. Links below:

Pre-order Book Of Bad Decisions here.

Check dem tour dates here.


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