Milo here.

It’s happening and I’m letting it happen. Yep. Sorry.

Today, we’re looking at S.O.A.D.’s breakthrough debut single, Sugar, from their eponymous 1998 debut. Check the batshit video below:

Facepaint, strong political messages and weird dancing — that’s the System I know, alright. While they undoubtedly went on to do bigger and better later on in their careers, this is the most System System have ever been. And what a video.
Let’s start off with the vocals, yeah? Serj kicks the shit in, man, he’s just the best. One of his more fuckinmetal performances in their discography, the pure anger and recklessness in his barks, and they are barks, is just infectious. Particularly, however, I have great love for the “NO LIGHTs nO muSIC??? *JUST ANGER*” bridge — one of his finest moments with the band. The rest of the group is on peak form too, mind, with Daron pumping out one of his chunkiest riffs to date, Shavo grooving out some paranoia-inducing licks like the best of ’em, and John. Well. John’s playing SOME HARD JAZZ. YOU BITCH. DEAL WITH IT.

“I play Russian Roulette everyday, a man’s sport,
With the bullet called life.”

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Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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