Milo here.

We’re basking in masks today, checkin’ out an album cut from Slipknot’s sophomore smash Iowa, Everything Ends. Check the audio below:

In terms of Slipknot songs, this is a very Slipknot Slipknot song. For many, Iowa was the band’s creative peak, including myself, as I view as their best album. It’s a hateful album and this is a hateful track. From the song’s opening lyric (and hook) “You are all fucked and overrated, I think I’m gonna be sick and it’s your fault“, you know exactly how it’s going down.
One of Slipknot’s big drawing points, for me, is Corey Taylor’s venomous, yet technically incredible, vocal performances — his ravenous spitting and detestful screams here sum this up perfectly. Much like the rest of the album, the lyrics personify the outcast who hates everyone — very much the band themselves. The instrumental, incorporating elements of nu-metal and thrash, is just as aggressive as you want ’em. The dual guitar leads are played through barbed wire, with an admirable balance of groove and malice, stomping over the Korn-esque bass from Paul.
Another technical aspect of Slipknot I appreciate is Joey Jordison’s virtuoso drumming. While this is far from his most mind-bending work, he hops on the rhythm like an absolute bitch, and manages to channel so much anger from that snare drum, adding a wealth of atmosphere to the whole thing.

“My flaws are the only thing left that’s pure.
Can’t really live, can’t really endure.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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