Milo here.

We’re gettin’ jiggy and wiggy with Iggy today, as we look at one of the former-Stooge’s finest songs from one of his finest albums, the eponymous 2nd single from Lust For Life. Check the video below:

Sure, I coulda gone with the 1996 Trainspotting re-release video, where Iggy’s serving Heroinnifer Aniston realness, but I decided not to, on the grounds that, I *think*, it might be the worst thing ever produced by the human race.
Regardless of this, the song remains the same, as Led Zeppelin famously said. Instantly recognisable from it’s bouncy, cymbal-heavy intro drumbeat, which has been copied and imitated countless times, namely by one-hit wonders Jet and their 2003 track Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Lust For Life is energetic, pump-up track about being a modern man with the titular lust for life. The instrumentation, arranged by frequent collaborator David Bowie (aw yes), is a joy to listen to, with the walking basslines and jangly guitars — a far cry from his punk beginnings, but a welcome one.
Then, we have Iggy himself, who’s just the same Iggy we know and love but don’t wanna get to close to cus he’s a bit fuckin’ weird. His charisma and energy translates effortlessly to the track and I love the working-class empowerment/drug-fuelled dildo adventure in the lyrics.

“I’m worth a million in prizes, with my torture film.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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