Milo here.

Aight, let’s go go go with today’s MMM, the massively popular Don’t Stop Me Now from Queen’s 1978 record Jazz. Check the video below:

Voted as one of the happiest songs of all time by some poll I don’t care about taken by some people I also don’t care about, it’s hard to show a smile when greeted by those opening piano chords and Freddie’s unmistakable charm in his voice, in one of his finest performances of his career, in my opinion. Of course, as it kicks in, the smile grows only wider, with Roger Taylor’s 157bpm beat keeping the song on a steady course and John Deacon’s bass being vastly underrated — tangling through and with Freddie’s remarkable piano lead. It also showcases the band’s ability to arrange and execute a riling melody in the chorus, and one that openly invites you to sing along.
Despite the beaming happiness of the instrumental, it’s also a song that explores Mercury’s eventual self-destruction at the hands of excess. It’s a song that makes you think when you look at the lyrics, even if, explicitly, it’s a celebration of the concept of debauchery and, hell, I’m here for it.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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