Milo here.

As around the Sun, the Earth knows she’s revolving, and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May. Just MMMs are due, you know what I say is true — I’ll be writing this always…

YUS. Today we’re looking at As, the final single from Stevie’s 1976 critical and commercial darling Songs In The Key Of Life. Check the video below:

I’m no Stevie Wonder superfan, I gotta say, and the only reason I know this song and love it like I do is due to George Michael and MJB’s 1999 cover of it (and I unashamedly prefer said version). However, I found that my reasoning for loving this track so much is down to the songwriting and, sorry Georgios, you ain’t had nuttin’ to do wit’ that.
Immediately, Stevie’s trademark keyboard sound lulls the listener into the R&B groove, laid down by a backing band as on point as you’d expect them to be; they’re playing with Stevie Wonder, dammit. I’m loving the mix on the drums, particularly, the light percussive cymbals punctuating every beat in Stevie’s voice, which is fitting for a song as smooth as this one, and is iconic for a reason.
The backing instrumental in general, actually, is great — the gospel-esque backing vocals adding a great sense of grandeur to the track, the bass dancing with the keys to a very funky effect. It’s the lyrics though, UGH, the lyrics are so lush. It’s *wonder* whether or not Stevie is synethstetic, cus the vivid imagery compliments the instrumentation excellently, and show such universal devotion, it’s universally relatable.

“Just as hate knows love’s a cure, you can rest your mind assure,
That I’ll be loving you always.”

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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