Some Newsy Pieces & Bits

Milo here.

We’ve got some busy goings-on round the decrepit back-end of Stuff And That, so I thought I’d give y’all some heads up.

Milo’s Branches.

Firstly, in purely self-promoting news, your boy has been branching out. Of course, while S.A.T. will remain my darling child, I’m utilising my questionable talents over at That Moment In and Mind Noise Network, where you can see me chat shit about movies and the latest in rock n’ metal respectively. I’ll link to my latest articles on each, give ’em a read/follow!

Dredd (2012) Is One Of The Decade’s Finest Comic Book Adaptations – That Moment In:

Peace – Graveyard (2018) – Review – Mind Noise Network:

And, as I’m not really for the whole reblog business, we’ll be pimping out my contributions on the Stuff And That Facebook and Twitter pages, so give them a follow if you don’t already.

Exciting Stuff And That stuff…. and that?

Also picking away at the ol’ noggin’ is that we’ve got a variety of milestones coming up here. We’re currently teetering at the edge of 200 followers (191 right now, I think), 500 posts and 3 GODDAMN YEARS SUNK INTO THIS HELLHOLE. So do stay tuned, some busy-ness is gon’ go down.

That’s basically the jist of it, keep all that in mind. Sorry for wasting your time.

Sexy pic: DINGUS

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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