Milo here.

And a new wave of MMMs riggle ’round the corner like disease-riddled eels they are, as we take a look at Total Entertainment Forever, the fourth single from the Good Father’s 2017 critical darling, Pure Comedy. Check the video below:

Throughout Pure Comedy, Tillman goes on these lavish, purposefully indulgent tirades about all of today’s societal faults and critiques, with many tracks bashing through the 5/6 minute mark. However, it’s on the album’s shortest track that he consolidates one of the most relatable and geniune perspectives on it. His lyrics, capsulating his playfulness with words and wit, as well as his keen eye on his surroundings, play off like a hyper-exaggeration of our now, with Boosh-esque twists adding to its surreal feel. The way he crafts vocal melodies, particularly, is almost angelic, as his clean, folksy, singing style drifts over the backing instrumentations.
One of my favourite arrangements on an album full of them, the big band feel of Total Entertainment Forever, highlighted by the triumphant trumpets and meandering saxes, is something that personifies Father John Misty for me. On the other hand, the acoustic guitar and piano leads also manage to give the song a level of intimacy, especially in its earlier stages. AND this sucka sticks in some devilish lil’ drum fills to boot. Damn, son.

“Not bad for a race of demented monkeys/From a cave to a city to a permenant party.”


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Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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