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AH-HEGM. Today, we’re looking at yet another west coast banger from the Doggy Dogg, Murder Was The Case, from his legendary 1993 debut, Doggystyle. Check the video below:

It’s a surprising fact, but the D-O-G-G is one of the most MMM’d artists of all time — I don’t really LOVE him that much. Despite that, every time one of his tracks weasels it’s way into my headspace, it don’t let go.
With this, one of the best deep cuts in hip-hop, easily the best on Doggystyle, Snoop takes us to quite a terrifying place, as he sells his soul to the devil for eternal life. His eerily realistic descriptions of his final moments, as well as the supernatural elements of it all, makes this one of the most morbidly fascinating tracks on the album. This is, of course, wrapped up in prime-Snoop Dogg flow, which is one of the greatest of all time — soooo smooth, soooo tight — it’s mind-blowingly great stuff.
This ominiousness is mirrored well in the instrumental, as Dre twists his trademark G-funk sound, warping into something much more remensicent of the horrorcore sound that Gravediggaz would go on to define the following year with 6 Feet Deep. The “Gin & Juice” beat is locked in this metallic groove, while that high-pitched drone that defines the genre haunts the mix, floating above it. And with ALL THIS, there are still these creepy-ass organs that do nothing but make me nervous and paranoid. More like Scoob Doggy Dogg, am i right.

“As I look up at the sky/My mind starts trippin’, a tear drops my eye.”

More Snoopy Doggy Doggy Dogg n shit:

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Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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