Milo here.

Today’s MMM is a very special one because I feel it is the duty of anyone interested in the best of underground alt-rock to listen to it. We’re looking at Science (Gone Wrong), the new(ish) single from Guernsey blues-alt-rock trio <track not found>. Check the track below:

Opening on, and pervaded by, a simple yet bouncy bassline, courtesy of Maisie Bisson, absolutely buried in fuzz, Science is characterised by a sense of extremely high-quality (like, IKEA mate) DIY, with its surprisingly well-mixed instrumental. The drums contrast this, with a real cave-like beating, punctuated by jazzy tempos and ride-work. Drummer Emma Thomas manages to find a very happy medium between the Meg Whites and John Dolmayans of the world — in other words, polar opposites.
On top of this, we have the guitar and vocals of frontwoman Grace Tayler, who adds so much in the way of character and unique voice for the music, like any great vocalist should. Too often is it easy to compare a vocalist’s style with others, essentially pigeon-holing them. However, combining the raw energy of Courtney Love, with the sense of soothing shoegaze found in Cherry Glazerr’s music, as well as a dash of mental quirkiness, Tayler completely engages the listener and gives me something that I genuinely haven’t heard before. This is all wrapped up in this refreshingly youthful, yet bluesy, alt rock; a merger of stoner’s fuzziness and indie’s sugary-sweetness.

I’mma level with you, I haven’t stopped listening to this song since I heard it on Mind Noise Network’s Battle of the Bands feature, nor have I stopped recommending it to literally anyone who’ll listen. But who can blame me? It’s rare that you find a band you’ve never heard of with the songwriting power of an arena-filler. I do implore you to check this song out, as well as go and support them, I’ll be linking their Bandcamp and website (UK tour muthafuckas) below.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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