i don’t even use the word actress why the fuck did i even split these categories up— Oh sorry! Caught me rambling like a silly goose there — um… women!


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Who killed the Xenomorph(s)? Who controlled the The Cabin In The Woods? Who got molested by some ghosts ? Who was in Ghostbusters?? No further questions, your honor. And by “honor”, I mean Sigourney Weaver. She’s been a major draw for almost 40 years thanks to the empowering roles she’s become synonymous with. Her authoritative stage presence and collected delivery means that she makes every performance her own.

Carrie Fisher – A bonafide legend, Carrie Fisher made her name as a intergalactic royalty, then became one of the people. We’ll all remember her for Star Wars and, while her personal life has oft overtaken her on-screen charisma, she’ll always be THE hero, the princess who saved herself.

Uma Thurman – I have no problem telling you that Mrs Mia Wallace is one of the finest performances by anyone ever — and I also have no problem going on a 12-hour rant about how she was fuckin’ robbed an Oscar for it. Uma Thurman’s work with Tarantino, the dark undercurrent of manipulation aside, is amazingly cool — she is amazingly cool.

Winona Ryder – Probably the most consistently brilliant, and perhaps slightly underrated, actors here, Winona Ryder has been a wonderful talents throughout her career, from her supporting role in Beetlejuice to the mum in Stranger Things who just can’t get a damn break — it’s hard to believe they’re the same person. In the meanwhile, she’s won hearts in Edward Scissorhands and Girl, Interrupted. She might not have the legend status just yet, but I can’t imagine it’s far off.

Daisy Ridley – From the new crop of actors heralded in by the Star Wars tidal wave, Daisy Ridley is one of my favourite big screen performers of the moment, standing out in the aforementioned Star Wars films, but also managing to shine in more mediocre films like 2017’s Murder On The Orient Express. However, I didn’t pick Daisy for what she has done, I’ve picked because of what I think she will do — a bright beacon for the future.


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Amy Adams

As I said in the Best Actor category before, I don’t pay much attention to actors/actresses and their performances, I just kinda watch films. However, standing out of the crowd most for me here is Amy Adams, who did the odd thing of steal the show for me and stand out as an amazing performance in Arrival — she is absolutely essential to the film’s success.

As for other actresses, Sigourney Weaver gets a nod, because, well, she’s Sigourney Weaver. She has to. For her screen-stealing lead performances as Rey in the new Star Wars films, Daisy Ridley gets a mention too. And, lastly, Katherine Waterston is an actor with a LOT of potential and her performances in Alien: Covenant and Fantastic Beasts point towards great things.


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Cate Blanchett


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Audrey Hepburn


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Eva Green

The gorgeous Eva Green has always been quietly brilliant, be it in indies like The Dreamers or when playing second fiddle to Bond. Penny Dreadful gave her the chance to truly impress in the demanding lead role of medium Vanessa Ives, struggling against demonic threats within her.


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Helen Mirren

She’s convincing as royalty, military brass, a gangster’s moll or a secret agent. She’s classy at all times and can act anyone else right off the screen.

Amy Adams – I first noticed her stealing Night at the Museum 2 out from under everybody else as Amelia Earhart. Since then she’s owned everything she’s appeared in, including Arrival and American Hustle and The Muppets.

Pam Grier – Pam Grier is… Coffy, Tarantino’s Jackie Brown and the original Foxy Brown. Pam may have gone straight to video for most of her career but, with a CV that takes in Burton’s Mars Attacks and two John Carpenter movies, she’s alright by me.

Scarlett Johansson – ScarJo is the sci-fi nerd’s dream girl. She’s been an Avenger, a man-eating alien, a sexy operating system and a cyborg killing machine. She’s also done off-beat comics, with Ghost World and The Spirit, and has a regular CV where she’s played princesses and singing hedgehogs into the bargain.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Man, I have a huge crush on Catherine Zeta Jones. She’s made some great movies too but damn…

Stay tuned for more Best Thangs of All Time!

6 thoughts on “SAT500: Best Actress Of All Time

  1. Always great to see love for Winona. Definitely underrated. Sigourney is great in everything… I’m also really liking Toni Collette. She’s appearing in loads recently.

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  2. I always liked Helena Bonham Carter. Audrey Tautou was wonderful in Amélie. Mary Stuart Masterson and Ally Sheedy were fun in the 80s. Always a tough gig to be a woman in Hollywood…

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