A Change is Gonna Come…

Yo, this be Reuben. These group of upstarts from Michigan have been both heralded as “the new Zeppelin” and been criticized for copying the famous rock band. The way I see it, they clearly have similarities to Led Zeppelin, and they’re clearly influenced by them, but that’s by no means a bad thing. While I can see why some people say they’re copying their sound, I think they’re doing something new and exciting, while using the influence of classic rock and roll like Zeppelin — it’s both a tried and tested formula and a sound that hasn’t sounded so raw and great since its first days.

These guys are the first band that I’ve heard in a while – perhaps alongside Rival Sons – that have managed to play classic style rock music with the energy and enthusiasm that it actually does sound as raw and great as it did when it first came out. In this congested music scene of today, where it is so hard for bands to stand out, and there is so much fraudstering and artificial-ness floating around, it feels just as exciting to me as I’m sure it did to those who were there when rock music began. Greta Van Fleet are not just copycats, they are making new music, and it’s fantastic; this is something that rock fans should embrace — they could be the flagholders of modern rock, the new face of the genre. It took me a while to understand the fuss, don’t get me wrong. But these dudes really deserve persistence, because the passion they pour into this project is evident and as a band so young, three of which being brothers, they have potential for real staying power.

This new single the band released on July 16th, the first we’ve heard from their upcoming as-yet-untitled debut album, points towards brilliant things on the horizon, especially considering they’ve got a huge tour already underway. Having already taken radio stations by the scruff of their necks with previous singles Highway Tune and Safari SongWhen the Curtain Falls feels like their most different and unique single yet, with an interesting structure that requires a few listens to fully get immersed with. Listen to it here:

The sheer brilliance of the song comes in its pure production, which is clean, raw and powerful all at once, not sounding over-produced but with a modern sheen which is SHINY. Within that glistening production lies the biting guitar stabs and pounding drums, which are grounded by the suh-weet, deep and low-riding bass, all contrasting against each other and working together to equal success, to give the song a listenable and chill feel while at the same time it sounds aggressive and in-your-face. Bringing that IN-YOUR-FACEness are Josh Kiszka’s shrill vocals, which sound as if he’s fighting against the instruments to find the top spot of the mix as he screams out his lungs in the coolest way possible: this guy is a bright beacon and one of the most promising singers in music right now, and his performance in this song really underlines that.

This is mainstream music that sounds raw, and it’s visceral and youthful in its delivery, while also staying true to its roots. It’s almost comparable to the kind of energy Pearl Jam had in their early days, but drenched in classic rock influences, with that feel-good purity of bands like, indeed, Led Zeppelin — one thing’s for sure, it sounds just as real as either. The more varied delivery, too, shows a new ounce of maturity, which I’m really looking forward to hearing in their new album, which according to Josh is hopefully coming out in “late summer”. With Clutch’s new-un coming out around then too, lets hope for a good early autumn, eh?

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