Milo here.

How about that. 31 days, 51 posts, ALL OF THE THANGS. This has sucked the complete life out of me but I’m so glad we’ve done it — what a wonderful, if redundant, achievement.

However, this isn’t about Stuff And That. I’d like to dedicate this post to absolutely amazing cast of writers that took time out of their lives to contribute to this little project.


Easily the most underrated writer I’ve ever seen, why this guy doesn’t have 1000+ followers is bewildering to me. On his Otherworlds of Film blog, he puts cult movies loved and unknown to the test for a rightful place in the prestigious Otherworld Vault. I’ve contributed and it’s so much fun, as are all his posts to read. He has a brilliantly British sense of humour that goes down a treat for us and it was great to see him and his undying love for Brazil in SAT500.



He’s true to his name, that’s for sure. Keeping the variation alive we had EML, putting forward everyone from Adele to Zeppelin up for awards. This doesn’t stop here, either, as his eponymous blog is always my go-to for pop picks, with his weekly top 20s always keeping me informed, as well as exploring some lesser known bands — his review of Bundy’s Bastard Performer peaked my interest, and now it’s one of my favourites of the year so far. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, there’s not much better out there.



With a potent mix of Full Metal Jacket and Zeppelin love fuelling her picks, it’s safe to say that Jade’s input is the reason half our featured images are of Plant & Co. But why the hell not? Zep rules. However, on The Ü, it’s all about the film, where the latest movies get ridiculously readable reviews, where that distinguishable character in her writing shines. And, just to be extra good, she’s sprinkles that with original short fiction and other cool stuff.



The toil was real for KMA on this one — I mean, his briefness was mainly due to the fact that I’m pretty sure he’d’ve imploded if he had to revisit his picks. Regardless, he didn’t come to play, with solid picks all round. Moreover, true to form, he was always active in that comment section, bringing that sense of community to life. Being a true WordPress vet, however, this shouldn’t surprise you. Nor should it surprise you that his personal site literally covers, I *think*, all the recorded music of all time — yeah.



Big points to Steve for exceptionally diving down this rabbit hole with us, ranking all the thangs with enthusiasm and, of course, an eye for the obscure. I told him to get as old and weird as he wanted — he said challenge accepted. He accepted that challenge right in my stupid, unknowning face, and now Myra Beckinridge is in annals of cinema history — and we’re all better for it. If you’re looking for more awesomeness, you could check his own blog; a SHAMELESS MMM RIP-OFF THAt’s actually better, with more experience, offbeat photography and the soundtrack of the coolest life ever… oh?


Also a special thanks to J., jprobichaud, carlosnightman, Jason, Zack and probably a bunch of other legends (that I can’t find because my internet’s playing up (just pop a comment if I missed ya)) for setting that comment section ALIGHT and making this the best it could be.

That’s it, that’s ya lot. I’ve got one morally obligated Talking Trailers and 16 MMMs lined up for you sodomites, but I’m going into hibernation for a bit — see ya in a couple of weeks/months. Oh, and thanks again.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


5 thoughts on “SAT500: Done.

  1. This was a fun series for sure, and I’m so flattered you asked me to participate. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken more time to write up comments for more of my choices, but time has a way of getting away from me. And I greatly appreciate the shout out for my blog. You guys are awesome!

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  2. The toil was indeed real, fellas, but it was all definitely worth it. This series has been so much fun, and your inimitable style and enthusiasm in the project has made it all so worthwhile. Congratulations to you both, and here’s to a zillion more posts on your site.

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