Milo here.

AYYAYEYAYE and so our lovely, month-long, completely debilitating celebration has come to a close — this means, naturally, MMMS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. i’m so sorry.

Today, we’re taking another swing round the woods of the Purple one and as song that qualifies as maybe his most loved, Purple Rain from Prince’s 1984 album and film of the same name. Check the video below:

What a massive song, WHAT. A. MASSIVE. SONG. There’s not much you can say to Purple Rain, the 8-minute finale of Prince’s magnum opus. It’s just huge, from the song’s tender opening, adorned with glittery guitars and strings, to it’s cathartic close, heralded in by the singer’s angelic falsettos and raging solos.
What distinguishes this from a lot of songs in general is that the drama built doesn’t feel forced or tacked on, but organic and deserved, especially with the charismatic frontman leading it emotionally. There’s little in the way of funk or danceability going on, as he trades it in for a chorus that anyone will belt along to (just watch that Super Bowl performance, son) and a stadium-filling, anthemic sound. It’s possibly the best example of Prince’s genius you can find, as he adds the audience to the massive list of things he can play like a virtuoso.


MMM: 1999
MMM: Kiss

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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