Milo here.

It’s rap, guns, drugs and money here at Stuff And That (four things we’re *infamous* for) today, as we look at So Whatcha Gone Do Now?, the highly underrated third single from PE’s 1994 record Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age. Check the video:

Following the trend of “whatcha”‘s being indicative of great songs (just ask the Beasties), Public Enemy slap this attack on gangsta culture right bang down in the middle of their first wobbly album and, for me, blew the rest of the tracklist outta the water.
We’ve got some of the best hooks in their discography, “Talkin’ that drive-by shit/Everybody talkin’ that gangsta shit“, Chuck’s got a noticeably smoother flow, while still managing to shoot off anger and not sacrificing the mess age in his muse sick. Don’t get me wrong, however, his raps are still tornados tearing up villages, no need to worry.
This is on top of a borderline criminally funky instrumental. The Bomb Squad strip away some of their characteristic density, leaving us with a massive beat and ominous bassline that really lends itself to the themes of the song, gangstas n shit.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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