200 Whole Followers! Well Damn…

Milo here.

Just wanted to pop in and say flippin’ heck! 200 followers! This is just simply wonderful, truly. From the bottom of my cold, dead, diseased and depraved heart, I’d like to thank all the big supporters, the KMAs, the Steves, the Jasons, anyone who’s stumbled on this trash fire and, most of all, the bots — we literally couldn’t have done it without ya!

Seriously though, big thanks for that. Let’s just count this as part of the SAT500 stuff, eh? I can’t be assed to write anything more…

That said, we’ve got an old classic of a series making a return within the next few days (antici—————————————————————————————————————————-pation), more MMMs than I’ve got webbed toes, Reuben writing reviews (I know, mate) and a whole new series coming in September — it’s wildly underwhelming.

However, today, we are to rejoice in our own greatness (while secretly hating ourselves) and party til a reasonable hour — gotta get my eight hours, mate.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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