Milo here.

Fuck the slo-mo. Today, we’re looking at Don’t Get Captured, from RTJ’s third full-length. Check the video below:

From moment Mike says “go”, we’re delved deep into a bass-heavy ghost train, with electro-haunted house synth lines ramping up the eerie immediately. El-P’s nothing short than a genius on this track, layering an utter bop of a beat under the echoing low-end. As the song progresses, the higher end synths grow and warble, cornering the listener into submission.
From the two MCs, we get some of the best, darkest and impeccably performed raps of the decade. In the first verse, Mike tackles gentrification of black neighbourhoods, with the violent, aggressive commentary he’s known for. After a lethal scratch break from Trackstar, El delivers a seething attack on police brutality from the perspective of the offenders themselves, with brutal, unflinching imagery and some headspinning delivery.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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