Milo here.

Let’s get fookin’ rock music back on the stereo, eh? Get it? FOOkin’? I’m wasted on you.

Indeed, we’re looking at the Foos today, with Bridge Burning, the fifth single from their 2011 record Wasted Light. Check the video below:

Ugh, if you made the CORRECT decision to listen to it, or even the PERFECT life choice of already knowing it, you’d’ve just ear-witnessed possibly the most kick-ass intro of the decade, maybe even of the Foos’ discogrohlphy.
A heavy song on a heavy album, it’s obvious that the band were looking to recapture their grungy roots with this one, with the nasty muted grates on the intro to mile-a-second drumming. The latter, in particular, is awe-inspiring, as Taylor’s giving us rapid, splash-splashed rolls, a verse beat that dances on the line between on and offbeat and a driving kickdrum groove befitting of a song with as much diesel power as this one.
I like to think that, if Dave Grohl had the frontman swagger he has now back in the 90s, his performance here would be more resonant on the Foo debut. His screams in the aforementioned WIN-TRO are some of the crispest, yet simultaneously raw, in his repertoire, while he also gives us the solid clean vocals, backed by Taylor’s higher harmonies, that he’s always had.

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