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We’re getting back on the MMMs for a bit until Christmas I reckon? Eh? Yeah? You reckon? Yeah? Eh? Yeah? Alright!

Today we’re looking at the third single from Soundgarden’s slightly underrated fifth album Down On The Upside, their first after their breakout smash, 1994’s Superunknown. Check out the video below:

With the apocalypse of Superunknown bringing the reckoning of grunge in fiery hellscapes, it was only up to its harbringers to follow the dystopia, which is what we have with Down On The Upside. With many highlights coming in the form of Pretty Noose and Burden In My Hand, it’s the really emphasised, Pixies-esque loud-quiet breaks on this track that makes it one of the band’s best. The verses are lulled through with Cornell’s heavily-melodic guitar pattern and *notably* restrained drumming from Matt (you can practically hear him gagging to get those polyrhythmic kickdrum patterns in), and Kim’s eerie whines liable to get you thinking — “y’know, summat just ain’t right”.

That snap of the chorus, though. It’s one of the finest musical moments in Soundgarden’s career. The moment of silence, a salute to the death of the genre, and storm brought in by Matt’s pounding toms, the wah-heavy guitar lead from Kim and, of course, the powerhouse that is Chris Cornell’s voice. Though it may not be his highest or most technically impressive note, the raw passion you hear as he belts “I’ve given everything I neeeeeeedddd” is just iconic — worthy of ranking as one of his greatest performances in one line. It’s antisocial, it’s heavy, it’s the sendoff grunge deserved.


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