Milo here.

Ay, the Oscars kinda blew this year — let’s talk about it.

Below, Imma post my predictions in comparison to the winners:

Well, if it’s any consolation (for me, of course), I got 14/24 this year, one more than last year, and I am yet to predict Best Picture correctly, on the 5th year that I’ve been doing these.

However, I did predict all the acting awards again, some of which were pretty cut-and-dry (Rami Malek/Olivia Colman), but I am happy I stuck to my guns with Mahershala Ali because Richard E Grant put up a mighty amount of competition in that arena. I was also unsurprised to see Alfonso Cuarón take home Best Director and Lady Gaga win Best Song, as they were pretty set in stone too.

I was kind of disappointed to see A Quiet Place, a movie whose concept was built on the idea of silence, leave empty-handed in the sound department, especially considering that Bohemian Rhapsody beat them out, quite undeservedly in my opinion. Speaking of which, the fact that Bohemian Rhapsody, with its nauseating idea of pacing and rapid-fire editing, won the Best Editing trophy left me quite speechless. I was pretty surprised to see Black Panther go home with so many, especially Best Score, but its Costume Design was very well done so I’m happy to see it win that. I was probably most disappointed, however, to see The Favourite, bar from Olivia Colman’s well-deserved Best Actress win, go home empty-handed, particularly with such a stunning idea of cinematography behind it.

Roma won a bounty of deserved trophies, probably the most-accuratedly lauded film of the night, with it’s Foreign Language Film, Cinematography and Director trophies all very deserved, and I was rooting for it winning Best Picture, seeing that The Favourite was unlikely to win (regardless of the name). HOW-FUCKING-EVER, Green Book, the most blatant Oscar-baiting flick I’ve seen in a while, successfully baited the Oscars to that prestigious prize. When they announced that title, I fully, audibly, shouted “Fuck off! Really? Pff” because, much like grown-ass football fans, I don’t have any self-control about minor events. Nevertheless, for such a weak film to win cinema’s biggest prize is one of the biggest crimes in Hollywood in recent memory.

Oh wait.

Ayo, how many predictions did you get right? Did you care? No? Okay. Sorry for asking.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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