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Today, we’re looking at a band I don’t think I’ve covered here before, with Brizzle *best band right now*s IDLES, and their song Mother, from their debut Brutalism. Check the video below:

While I spent the back end of last year waxing an inappropriate amount of lyrical about IDLES Joy As An Act of Resistance, it was actually this track from the 2017 album that got my initial interest in the band, after I was underwhelmed by Colossus (on a first listen though (it’s awesome now)). The scarce post-punk production, epitomised by the leering guitar leads, echoing against the negative space, helps to up the ominous factor of the track, with Dev’s murderous bassline cutting through everything like a knife made of distortion. As always, we’ve got Jon behind the kit blowing my absolute fucking mind, but, yunno, what else is new?
What really got my attention, especially with the video, is the sheer rage in Joe’s vocals though. I mean, he’s not the most docile of people at the best of times, but he really goes for the inflated jugular on this one. When that second verse comes round, you can practically feel the venom from gritted teeth as screams “17 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK“. His lyrics, as they often are, lie in mantras, drilling themselves into the brain with brute force and eloquently assassinate points of sociopolitics, gender divide and sexual violence with a laser precision.
After this song, it all went uphill from there with my IDLES obsession, and I plan on promoting this article in the AF GANG very quickly.

MORE IDLES? Badabing.

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