Milo here.

Ploddin’ along with these badbois — not even NEAR 100 yet (I know! Can you actually believe it?)

Today, we’re looking at a lovely bit of Queen *classic*in Somebody To Love, the first single from their fifth album A Day At The Races. Check the video below:

If you’re one of my neighbours, I do apologise (although not really) that you’ve had me fucking NAILING (kinda) these vocals at the top of my lungs over the past few weeks as I potter about the house (side note, what kind of 17 year old “potters about the house”), often dropping what I’m doing to grab the air as I’m belting “LOOOOOORRRRRRRDDDDD”, as if my cheese toastie is the audience of Wembley ’86 (who paid £14.50 for that concert, fun fact). Needless to say, it’s been earworm.

Besides the universal resonation of the lyrics, there’s something uplifting and infectious about Freddie’s vocals here, giving it the full power he’s known for, while making it so easy to singalong to. His one-of-a-kind inflections and adlibs are so distinctly characteristic of him that you couldn’t replicate them if you tried. Of course, you have the ahead-of-it’s-time vocal layering for the gospel choir bits, as well as the weaving backing vocals that give this song a progressive edge that only Queen could incorporate so seamlessly. The pounding piano and drum combo gives this song an energy that just propels you off your seat and hitting that half-step; Roger outdoes himself on this track with that criminally-crispy hi-hat. The solo is all there an accounted for and, while I’ve never been overly fond of Brian’s solos, it is a goodun’, there’s no denying. Anywho, there’s no point in me talking about this when you could be pottering about your house, annoying the fuck out of your neighbours.


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Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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