Milo here.

Ah! Only a month or two of this left, before we can get back into some absolutely lethal prime content — gorgeous.

Today, we’re bopping Aussie-punk outfit The Distillers today and total banger in the form of City Of Angels from their 2002 stormer, Sing Sing Death House. Check the video below:

If you’re looking for one of the truest-bluest punk bands this side of the millennium, you need look no further than The Distillers. With the speed and aggression of a bull in a White Stripes video, their albums are some of the closest we are gonna get to Ramones and Misfits in this century.
And songs like this leave little argument to the contrary, sparing no time for introduction, the cheap-and-cheerful power riff roars in with white heat, screaming punk comfort food like a leather jacket burrito filled with safety pins. The guitar on this song is blistering and vivid, while the bass undercuts and provides an outrageous power to accelerate. I could critique the drums on some level for a couple of misplaced, overly showy fills, but they are *pumped* hitting the ear like if Phil Rudd played at a speed quicker than like 10bpm.
Over this, Brody Dalle’s vocals carry as much energy as the rest of the track. While the definitely abrasive delivery could be a turn off for some, I instantly fell in love with the sheer machismo and deceptively wordy and poetic lyrics packed into City of Angels in troves. It’s a song that’ll spit on the sidewalk on it’s way back to sniff some glue.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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