Milo here.

Yes! Yes! I’m doing another Prince song, okay??!! Just be thankful I was in my hiatus when I was in my recurring obsession with Let’s Go Crazy, aight?

Today, we’re looking at Computer Blue, a storming ALBUM CUT from Prince’s bril— fucking you know rest… Purple Rain innit. Check the video below:

A cursory glance of this website will reveal my affinity for Prince (even if the purple background wasn’t with him in mind) as I’ve written plenty of MMMs for the artist in the past, each more fanatical than the last. However, I’m always one to outdo myself so, baby, here I am.
I’d like to begin with a quick, hopefully appropriate, appreciation of Wendy & Lisa at the start of this track, being the 80s lesbians I would kill to be. Okay, I’m done with that, because I will gush more and more as I articulate.
As is with the entirety of Purple Rain, the ingenious use of drum machines in co-ordination with Bobby Z’s infectious backbeat, far and away a cut above the standard of the 80s, establish a funk that dances on the tightwire of synthetic and human that, for a song with the themes of Computer Blue, is simply perfect. Also in keeping with the rest of the record, Lisa’s synth lines are indescribable, and fully capable of ascending me almost violently to the gates of catchy heaven. Of course, despite all of this amazingness, it’s Prince Rogers Nelson who, like in my general life, steals the show. The crunchy lead guitars, hopping on that synth part with ease, as well as his effortless sensuality in the lyrics, are almost unfair to anyone making music. His lead vocals, dipping into a feral sexuality, are so uproariously energetic that I recently almost slashed my hand while cutting vegetables to this song — out of sheer bopping.
Of course, I’d be a sinner to not mention the *beat change*… the fucking BEAT CHANGE on the bridge, housing a WAILER of a guitar solo, of course co-written by Prince’s father —  ooo the scheduling makes sense now, eh?


MMM: 1999
MMM: Kiss
MMM: Purple Rain

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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