Milo here.

OH well it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these too. Don’t worry for a second, they ain’t going noWHERE. What, you expect me to be original?

Today, we’re looking at Closing Ceremony, a standout track from Ecca Vandal’s eponymous 2017 debut. Check the audio below:

I mean, it takes 5 seconds of a rip-roaring intro for anyone in their right mind to absolutely be thUMPing to Closing Ceremony. The heavily-distorted bass riffs and mammoth drum sound draw obvious comparisons to Royal Blood (especially in the breakdown section), however with a punky edge and sheer cannibalistic hunger that the Bassy Brighton Bois simply lack. The verses are punctuated by Ecca’s guttural screams and defiant, charismatic vocal delivery, surfing on the rapid waves of a kickass riff and a *motherfuckin* cOW-bELL. This is while the haunting backing vocal heralds in the chorus with glory not dissimilar to watching the sandstorm swallow dozens of feral deathwagons in Mad Max: Fury Road.
Oh and then we get the chORUS. Oh. OH. The riff devolves into pure PACE and the drummer kicks into absolute overdrive, the rhythm of the track picking up to the point that speed guns are left reading “!!!”. Ecca’s vocals on the section managed to soar with mechanical wings welded by those backing vocals we saw earlier. On the full album, she manages to dabble in a variety of eclectic music style, to varying degrees of quality, but this, A NON-SINGLE, one of, essentially, the most adrenaline-pumping tracks I’ve heard in a while, stands as an early masterpiece for Ecca Vandal — better watch out.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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